All-Together Affordable Housing Corporation (“All-Together”) is a registered charitable housing corporation founded in July 2007 by four local agencies:

  1. Community Advocacy and Legal Centre
  2. Hastings Housing Resource Centre
  3. Three Oaks Foundation
  4. United Way Hastings-Prince Edward

An active member of the Hastings-Prince Edward Poverty Roundtable and Affordable Housing Work Group, All-Together is well suited to engage in the provision of affordable and supportive housing as we are part of a remarkable array of community networks and partnerships.

The corporation owns and operates a transitional housing project called Tom’s Place (Belleville) for individuals who are homeless or at risk-of-homelessness and a five-unit building at 51 Victoria Avenue for low-income individuals living with chronic illnesses.

We are currently involved with a local affordable housing developer for an exciting new  affordable housing project at Great St. James project, Belleville.

Check out our Housing Projects Page.

Our Mission/Vision
To provide and operate non-profit residential accommodation and incidental facilities exclusively for persons of low income; senior citizens primarily of low or modest income; or disabled persons primarily of low or modest income.
All-Together believes that every person has the right to live in dignity: the right to reside in sustainable housing that is safe, decent, affordable, suited to the person’s individual and familial needs, adapted to the person’s physical and mental capabilities, and supportive of the person’s physical and psychological requirements.

Our Values
Partnerships: We build collaborative, cooperative relationships to meet the needs of clients and the community as a whole.
Client-centred: We treat all of our clients in a compassionate, understanding, non-judgemental way, while respecting the client’s right to informed decision-making.
Accountability: We are responsible, transparent, ethical and professional in everything we do.

Housing is a fundamental human right and a major determinant of the health of individuals, families and indeed our whole community. Our community, all of us together, are responsible to ensure all our citizens are adequately housed.”
-John Martyn, Peterborough housing activist


Strategic Goals
• To successfully house clients and provide appropriate support and service.
• To be known as a responsible Housing First community partner that provides safe, affordable, and environmentally sustainable housing.
• To establish connections and relationships with other service providers and stakeholders
• To build and expand on our network of partnerships with local business, the trades, government and private citizens (opinion leaders)

Financial Goals
• To access all manner of government grants, donations, and other funding programs in order to build more affordable housing.
• To become known as an innovator in financing the creation of affordable housing.
• To build partnerships with the private sector to help fund the development of affordable housing.
• To connect with politicians, the local business community and private citizens to obtain donations of land, buildings and capital.