Two new affordable housing units are coming to the area pending approval from Hastings County council.

The Hastings County Community and Human Services committee is recommending that council approve two contracts with Springdale Development Incorporated for new builds in Belleville and Bancroft.

The company has partnered with All-Together Affordable Housing Corporation on the Belleville build and with the North Hastings Community Integration Association for the Bancroft build.

Director of Community and Human Services Erin Rivers told the committee Wednesday morning that a 17-unit building will be built in Belleville another five-unit building in Bancroft. In the Belleville building, 10 of the units will be designated as affordable housing units.

“Of all the new government funding that’s coming down from the National Housing Strategy and the co-investment fund, they really are stressing the importance of community partnerships and both these projects demonstrate that in the sense that we have a building and a not-for-profit agency partnering together to find solutions to our affordable housing crisis.”

Rivers said the two projects will cost combined total of $1,313,655 with the Belleville build costing $800,000 and the Bancroft unit costing $515,655.

Springdale Development Inc. already owns and operates an 18-unit affordable housing building on Starling Street in Belleville.

Altogether Affordable Housing Corporation is a non-profit housing and support service agency which provides “efficient, sustainable and affordable solutions for some of the most vulnerable members of our community.”

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