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April 2019

Additional Funding to Address Housing in Hastings

The Investment in affordable housing for Ontario program provided more than $248,000 to the county it was announced at Wednesday’s community and human services committee meeting. Committee director Erin Rivers said there was a surplus of funding at the government level and the county was fortunate enough to have a previously approved project that qualified for additional funding. Rivers said the government contacted the County in December and asked if they had previously approved affordable housing development projects that qualified for additional funding and the 17-unit Springale Development Inc. development and the All-Together Affordable Housing Corporation on Great St. James Street, with 10 units originally marked as affordable housing, qualified.

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June 2018

All-Together Housing and our partner Springale Development Inc are the successful applicants for $1.3M from the Investment in Affordable Housing Program (IAH) to build new affordable housing units in Belleville and Bancroft! Very exciting!

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May 2018

Belleville’s Planning Committee has recommended to Council that our application for a re-designation of zoning to accommodate a multi-residential build be approved. This is an important step in making this affordable housing development a reality!

The Great Saint James project will be a new build located within the City of Belleville along a public transit line. It will consist of 32 affordable housing units with mixed apartment types – primarily 1 bedrooms/studios but with at least 3 3-bedroom units for use by Canadian Mental Health Association, Hastings-Prince Edward Branch, which is seeking to replace some of its aging transitional housing stock. Two-bedroom units may also be added to accommodate requests by community agencies for use as live-in training opportunities for clients working their way to more independent living.

The build will be fully accessible on the main floor and include smart technology, office space for referral agencies, a multi-purpose common room and outdoor patio.

Affordability will be determined by the type of government financing which can be accessed but no unit shall be more than 90% of average market rent as determined by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s annual report of Average Rental Market Rents for the City of Belleville. All-Together Housing will work to a goal of 80% of average market rent and work with Hastings County to secure rent subsidies for its tenants experiencing deep poverty.
All-Together is currently the lead agency for the Quinte Community and Housing First Partnership, a collaborative approach between support agencies and a private rental market landlord/developer to implement a supportive housing model.

All-Together Housing will initially be a fifty percent owner of the new build at Great Saint James along with Springale Development Inc and its owner/president Phil Spry, who has built a solid reputation for quality workmanship and a shared vision of safe, accessible, supportive and affordable housing for some of our most vulnerable citizens.